Cast (In order of appearance): Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor


Running Time: 1:31

Transcript Edit

(Scene: a movie theater; the trailer for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie is showing; the silhouettes of Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood, on their seats, are visible against the screen in the background)

WEEVIL: Heh-heh, movie trailers are cool!

REX: Yeah, uhuhuhu, especially the ones with naked chicks.

WEEVIL: 4Kids sucks! Heh-heh.

ANNOUNCER: (from the trailer) This summer...

REX: Uhhh, who's talking?

WEEVIL: That's, like, that trailer voice dude, heh-heh. He gets paid, like, five thousand bucks per syllable.

REX: Woah, I should get a job like that, uhuhuhu. In a world... filled with boobies, one dude will cop a feel.

WEEVIL: Heh-heh, you said "boobies".

ANNOUNCER: (from the trailer) Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie.

REX: Yugi's a dork.

WEEVIL: Yeah, heh-heh. "It's time to do-do-do-do-do my homework while I listen to N'Sync". Woah, heh, check it out! There were, like, demons and stuff!

YAMI: (from the trailer) Yugi, we only got one chance left!

ANNOUNCER: ...and his most powerful adversary.

REX: That dude looks like Triple H.

WEEVIL: Awwww yeah, heh-heh. "I am the game. Heh-heh. I am that damn good." Hehehehe. Wow, heh, fire.

YUGI: (from the trailer) Nooooooooo!

REX: Settle down, ass-wipe!

WEEVIL: Check it out, Rex, we get free cards.

REX: Uh, uhuhuhu, so?

WEEVIL: So we should, like, go see this movie. Heh-heh.

REX: Weevil, this movie looks like ass, only a dork would wanna watch this movie.

WEEVIL: Awwww, yeah. Heh-heh. I knew that.

ANNOUNCER: (from the trailer) ...begins, summer 2004.

WEEVIL: Hey Rex, heh, are we in this movie?

REX: Uhhh, I dunno, prob'ly.

WEEVIL: Thank you drive-thru.

CAPTION: [abridged version coming soon]

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