They Saved Tristan's Brain is the fifty-fourth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and the eighth episode of Season 3.


Oh, you'll find out...

Also Starring:
HBI2K as Gansley
Takahata101 as Crump
KaiserNeko as Johnson
Lanipator as Lector
MasakoX as Nesbitt
Kirbopher as Noah
whiteash001 as Bitchy Door


  • Yugi orders "Mirage Knight" to attack, but it's really the "Dark Magician Knight" that does it.
  • Gansley's "I am not a freaky fish guy" line is Mako Tsunami's catchphrase.
  • Yami points out the idiocy of the Big Five stealing the teens' bodies- they are too young to run KaibaCorp. Seto is an exception due to INHERITING the company.

Cultural referencesEdit

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