"The Break-Up" is the seventy-first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series, and the eighth episode of Season 4.

Description Edit

Still gonna get less media coverage than Brangelina.
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Takahata101 as Dartz

Trivia Edit

  • Yami Yugi constantly points out (indirectly) that Rafael is a brainwashed idiot. Rafael, just like in the original version, keep a calling Yami Yugi evil (devolving to child-like name calling)
  • Yugi points out that there was NO ACTUAL STAKES for losing the duel, so losing would not have affected him. Yet another plothole.
  • Joey, Tristan and Duke point out how it doesn't make sense that Weevil and Rex beat them to the duel on A BIKE, when a car is capable of going 100 MPH.
  • Despite the abridged series pointing out flaws in the plot of the original series, there was never a conversation about Rafael cutting the rope bridge.
    • For example, Yami Yugi would question how he was supposed to leave the plateau if he won; Rafael clearly had a helicopter to pick him up, but Yami Yugi wouldn't have a way to leave.
    • Additionally, its never brought up why Rafael would think the Seal of Orichalcos would take the right soul, since there's two in Yugi's body.
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