Steve the Martian is based on the original Seeker.

One of the three Rare Hunters assigned to Marik, he is also one of the only Rare Hunters named "Steve" containing active dialogue. Appearing in "She Blinded Me With Card Games", his biggest distinction is that his voice is reminiscent to that of the Looney Tunes character, Marvin the Martian; he even goes so far as to make a reference to him. (e.g. "I claim this card in the name of Mars. Isn't that lovely?") He is responsible for intercepting Joey Wheeler's path to the hospital, which prevents him from going to visit his blind sister, Serenity. He challenges Joey to a Duel, but is confronted with the possibility of simply resorting to "kick the crap out of him and take the Red-Eyes Black Dragon instead". He defeats Joey by summoning Exodia to "obliterate" him. (Exodia then references the Shoop Da Whoop meme, firing a blue laser beam at Joey with the memetic face being Photoshopped onto Exodia's). Steve then takes Joey's advice and proceeds to "kick the crap out of Joey", and then snags his Red-Eyes. He is soundly defeated in a Duel and has the card relinquished from him by Yami Yugi, as the latter had easily figured out his strategy due to how "generic" it was.

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