Steve Lumis and Steve Umbra are a pair of tag team rare hunter duelists.

They appear in "Dork Side Of The Moon" as parodies of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Ignignokt and Err, with Lumis being Ignignokt and Umbra being Err. They like to raise the middle finger to people under their cloaks. Like their Aqua Teen counterparts, they like to talk about the moon and they call themselves the Mooninites. They even told their opponents how duels are done on the moon. They are apparently executed in zero-gravity environments, and the loser dies of asphyxiation...the winners also die.

Their cards have a mask theme, featuring cards with images such as the "M.A.S.K." logo, V from "V for Vendetta", the titular character of "The Mask", and the murderer of the "Scream" series. They claim that their most powerful card is the "Quad Laser". However, all the Quad Laser did was fire a slow-moving, orange square at Obelisk the Tormentor, during which an annoyed Kaiba was still able to call out an attack before it could come close to connecting (Again, much like their Mooninite counterparts). They were defeated by Yugi and Kaiba. As the two victors flew away in a helicopter, Lumis held up his middle finger to Umbra as hard as he could, hoping he would see it.

They later reappear three more times: In the Third Anniversary Special, Lumis considers the party to be dull, and that it requires more lasers from the moon (Umbra also demanded prostitutes, then, "moon prostitutes with laser-beam eyes"). They show up a second time, constantly making fun of Johnny Steps.

Their second reappearance was in Marik's Evil Council of Doom 3, which begins with a discussion between them and Yami Bakura about the show, Lost. They later suggest kidnapping Yugi, taking him to the inner core of the moon, and then flay him with moon rope, which was immediately denied by Marik.

Their most recent appearances were in Evil Council 4, where they constantly annoy Bakura by singing "Jimmy Crack Corn" and trying to sell real estate on the moon. They were killed by Melvin, but the whole thing turned out to be a daydream that Bakura had and in Evil Council 5.

Character NamesEdit

During the course of the series, many different names have been given to Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged's Lumis and Umbra. Their debut in "Dork Side Of The Moon" had them refer to each other simply as "Steve", as customary for every one of Marik's slaves. In "Evil Council 3", Marik introduces them to the rest of the council as "Steve Luna" and "Steve Umbris", which is a sort of swap from their original names, and also plays on the "Luna"/"Moon" theme. However, in subsequent Evil Councils, Lumis calls Umbra "Err", based on the characters they are parodying.

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