So Long & Thanks For All The Trading Cards is the forty-second episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and the twentieth episode of Season 2. It marked the first time Mega Ultra Chicken was summoned.


It's in the frakking blimp!

Special thanks to my good friend hieadenna for playing the part of Marik's mother.

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Plot Edit

Mai expresses disbelief that Joey is duelling Marik as he thinks to himself that they still thing Odeon is Marik. He also notes that anybody who looks in his general direction would immediately see through the plan.

Joey jokes about Odeon's baldness while the group discusses how long card games take, Yugi pointing out that this is the first turn and it's taken 2 hours, which is pretty quick and Joey should probably slow down.

Marik tells Odeon to summon his most powerful monsters and he thus summons The Gummy Bears. Marik scolds him and Odeon summons The Easter Bunny, causing Marik to scold him into a flashback.

Marik's Mother takes Baby Odeon underground to live in 'cruelness and restraint. Isn't that what baby wants?' As Marik's father talks about needing a new child. She tells Odeon that his father actually cares about him, as Marik's father shouts back that he hates him. She tells him that he will eventually become a tombkeeper, as long as they don't have another baby. The show cuts to Marik's father announcing another baby, as Marik's mother dies, warning Odeon not to let Marik grow up to be a giant douche like his father.

Marik and Odeon are playing Ancient Egyptian Basketball, and Marik's Father punishes him for killing his favourite cobra Cornelius, citing that he just wanted to play. Marik's father says he will never forgive Odeon.

Odeon makes Marik some soup, but he states he doesn't want it unless it is vengeance flavoured soup. Marik throws the soup onto the ground and talks about how his back is going to be cut open, burned into and then he will have to watch Beverley Hills Chihuahua. Odeon offers to go instead and Marik's Father just laughs at him.

Marik is taken to initiation and Odeon visits him later. The flashback finally ends as Marik tells Odeon to summon Mega Ultra Chicken. Another flashback is shown of a copy of Mega Ultra Chicken kills a Steve under Marik's control. Marik tells Odeon to do it in the name of Marik Sebastian Ishtar III. Odeon summons it, as the gang says 'oh no.' Yami tells Joey to be careful over and over. Odeon is struck by lightning and the Millenium Rod is shattered into cheese. Joey also gets striked and knocked out. He wakes up in a dream with all his friends and Bakura for some reason. Joey wakes back up and wins by default.

It is revealed 'Malik Blishtar' is actually Marik Ishtar and his secret plan is ruined. Odeon tells everyone that Marik has a darker side, brought on by abuse and Disney movies. Odeon dies and Marik turns into Melvin, offering them all hugs.

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