Slifer the Executive Producer's name in the series is a parody of 4Kids producer Roger Slifer. When he appears in Episode 32, he growls out voice clips of "I hunger" and "Run, coward"; being direct voice clips they are obviously references to the video game they come from, Sinistar. Yami claims his size rivals that of Kaiba's ego. In the Abridged Movie he, along with Obelisk the Tormentor and 'Mega-Ultra Chicken' attacked together to form the Epileptic Seizure Attack. When summoned in the Abridged Movie, Yugi says "Slifer no swiping! Slifer no swiping! Slifer no swiping!" This is a reference to Swiper from Dora the Explorer.


  • Despite the name, Roger Slifer was seemingly never credited as an "Executive Producer" (for Yu-Gi-Oh! he was a Co-Producer and script adapter for Season 1).
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