Sid first appeared in "Duel of the Dead" with his friends Zygor and Zombie Boy when they were spying on Yugi and the gang. Sid reckons Yugi's hair "is more ridiculous" than his and his friends hair, and is Zygor's best friend. They were revealed to be working with Bandit Keith and were called "my fellow Americans". Although Sid pointed out that they weren't in America, he wasn't understood by Keith because Sid didn't speak American. After the plan to steal Joey's star chips failed, he was right about Joey and his friends being unable to escape the cave from a cardboard cut out of a boulder blocking their way out.

In Marik's Evil Council of Doom 1, the only thing he said was "Oi I didn't get any lines!" But he was called Red by Marik to save it for the next video. In Marik's Evil Council of Doom 2, he was able to put forth his suggestion why the evil plan from the previous meeting failed. Stating that Yugi never logs into his YouTube account since he always plays the children's card game. He then gets punished by Marik and has his head exploded by the Millenium Rod. Before he died he cried out his last line "I never saw France!"

Despite his death in Evil Council of Doom 2, Sid returns in "Single White Shemale" with his friends. In a flashback, they quit Bandit Keith's group, saying they dislike Michael Bay movies.

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