Shadi is a character within the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged universe. He is based on the canon Shadi.

Thus far, he has appeared in Episode 19, Episode 41 and in a flash back of Ishizu Ishtar in Episode 45. His voice and personality are based upon Borat. He frequently greets people with "Jagshamesh! My name Shadi!", and claims that in his home country of Egypt, "we no longer use slave to build pyramid. Now we make women do it instead! Is nice?" and he is an anti-Semite.

He is the keeper of the Millennium Items, and tells Pegasus in a flashback in Episode 19 that his chamber in which he keeps the Items is constantly invaded by Jewish people who are trying to steal them. He gives Pegasus the Millennium Eye since he is not Jewish. He also perceives Yugi as being a Jew after sensing the theft of Pegasus' Eye by Yami Bakura. He probes Yugi's mind using his Millennium Key and thinks if Yugi lived in Egypt, he would be stoned to death for keeping such an untidy soul-room.

He has also never seen the movie Labyrinth (dance magic, dance), and is confused with the randomly placed staircases and alcoves and nearly killed on several occasions by various traps set in Yami Yugi's section of Yugi's mind. When Yugi saves him from the Dark Magician, he realizes that Yugi may be the 'chosen one,' proclaiming him to be "not as Jewish" as he first thought. He apologizes for 'screwing with his head' and leaves Yugi alone and disappears, uttering "Chenquieh" as a farewell (a reference to Borat who says Jin Qie/farewell in Slavic). He also says "Wa wa wi wa!" whenever he shows astonishment.

Shadi finally reappears in Episode 41, where he explains that he is the protector of the fourth wall (believing that if it falls that "man will become like the animal, animal will become like the dirt and dirt will become like the Jew"), and tells Yugi about the creation of the Egyptian God cards. He also admits to Pegasus that he is "-how you say?- kind of a dick."

In episode 45 during Ishizu Ishtar's flashback of when she and Marik were children, Shadi keeps showing up to warn the two of something bad going to happen but always just after it happens, when Ishizu asks why he warns them after they already did it he responds by saying "I am a ghost!"

He is also referenced in episode one of Cr@psule Monsters, when Yugi is asking Tea who else is in this spin-off. Tea says "Well, Shadi shows up later." to which Yugi responds sarcastically "Oh great. Shadi. I'm excited."

The earrings Shadi wears are also donuts, as he states in episode 19.

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