Ryo Bakura or simply Bakura is a character within the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged universe. He is based on the canon Bakura Ryou.

Bakura was a companion of Yugi in season one at Duelist Kingdom. He has the Millennium Ring which was given to him as a present by his father, who also installed a "Gay-dar" - a radar for finding gay people - in the ring. He is British, which becomes a running gag. Bakura's British nationality is often exaggerated and joked about, with many characters teasing him over it, as shown in episode 12 where Yugi remarks "Is everyone from Britain a total spaz, Bakura?" to which he replies "Pretty much." This is an ironic sense of humor, since LittleKuriboh is British himself. Several of the characters refer to him as 'Limey'. Téa remarks in episode 4 that her 'Limey senses are tingling' when she senses that Bakura is nearby. He also refers to himself as 'Limey Man' on more than one occasion. He often says 'I'm not Gay, just British', whereas Yami Bakura says 'I'm not British, just Gay'. He is also one of the most abused characters on the show (the other being Mokuba), possibly for being British.

He is often called a 'minor character' by the main cast despite hosting the longest running antagonist in his Millenium Ring.

It isn't revealed until Episode 40 that Bakura's first name is Ryo, and from Episodes 28-30, Bakura would die in a different way each time.

Ryo appears in only short scenes in both of LK's Abridged Fanfictions. However, his actions have major impacts on the plot. For instance, in Censored Town, he is the one to tell Florence to go back to Marik after their argument, even going as far as to take over one of Florence's arms and forcing him to take out a picture of he and Marik. In Midknight at the Oasis, he has apparently for seven months been Skyping Marik whenever Florence goes to sleep, romancing him as he seems to be totally aware of his Yami's true feelings. He even sets up the eponymous date that he urges Bakura to attend. Why he bothers, no one knows for sure.

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