"Roof Raph" is the eightieth episode Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series and the seventeenth episode of Season 4.

Description Edit

Raph gets riffed roughly on the rough. Also rats.

Huge props to our editor Innagadadavida for going all out on this one! Be sure to check out his other works at his YouTube channel:


Takahata101 as Dartz
Rachelle Heger as Sister
Juicey Flannigan as Brother
BoobsMcBalrog as Mai Valentine



  • The episode's title is a play on "riffraff".
  • Yami Yugi gives a witty explanation about the Problem-Solving Text on the cards in real life, constantly calling the Graveyard the GY. And then improvised a abbreviated action using the PST to showcase how annoying it sounds when spoken.
  • Yami Yugi gives an in-depth psychological analysis of Rafael's inability to let his monsters go to the grave. Because he could not accept the mortality of his family's demise, it manifested as such in the card game..
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