Rex: Hey, Weevil. Uhuhuhuh. Have you ever played video games?

Weevil: Yeah. This one time I played a game were there were all these little people inside a house, and I like had to get them to go to work and go to the bathroom and stuff. Hehehe. But then I just set everything on fire and watched them burn to death. Hehehe. FIRE! FIRE!

Rex: You dumbass, that's not a game. Games have, like, guns and explosions. And hookers. Huhuhuh.

Weevil: Whoa. Video games rock, hehe.

Rex: Yeah, and, like, this movie, Silent Hill is, like, based on a video game and stuff, hehe. So it should be pretty cool.

Weevil: Bring on the exploding hookers, hehe.

Rex: So like, this chick is taking her daughter to this evil town because, like, she's adopted and stuff. Kinda like you, Weevil.

Weevil: Aww yeah, heh. Why is she driving so fast?

Rex: Because she's a chick, dumbass, they don't know how to drive. See?

Weevil: Whoa, hehe, roadkill. Thank you, drive-thru.

Rex: Huhuh, this fog reminds me of that John Carpenter movie with all the fog. I think it was called Halloween.

Weevil: Hehe, she's looking for Michael Myers.

Rex: Michael Myers wasn't in that movie, dumbass.

Weevil: Aw yeah, heh.

[scene cut here]

Weevil: Um, hehe.

Rex: Look, it's The Attack of the Killer Munchkins.

Weevil: We represent the Lollipop Guild, hehe. Midgets are cool.

[scene cut here]

Rex: This dude is, like, a British actor or something, and he has, like, hardly any screen time, and he doesn't do anything, hehe. He's kinda like Bakura.

Weevil: Hey, check it out, he's looking at porn.

Rex: That's not porn, dillhole.

Weevil: But he's on the Internet, what else would he be looking at?

Rex: I don't know, dumb anime cartoons?

Weevil: Anime sucks, hehe!

[scene cut here]

Weevil: She looks like that chick who lives in a dumpster outside my house!

Rex: Uh, didn't you, like, pay her five bucks just to make out with you or something?

Weevil: Yeah, hehe. Money well spent!

Rex: Uhh, huhuh. Don't you just hate when there's a bunch of chicks in a movie and they are not making out?

Weevil: Yeah, and they're wearing clothes.

Rex: Show us your thingies!

Weevil: Yeah, and make out! Make out! These chicks aren't listening to us, Rex!

Rex: Huhuhuh, hey, check it out, Weevil! It's your mom!

Weevil: Aw, yeah, hehe.

Rex: It hocked a loogie on her!

Weevil: Loogies are cool.

Weevil: Whoa, she's taking her clothes off!

Rex and Weevil: Yes!

Weevil: Wait, why'd she stop? Keep taking your clothes off! Come on, we want boobies!

Rex: This chick is stupid.

[scene cut here]

Weevil: Wait, so now we're in a school? This movie sucks! There are all the exploding hookers?

Rex: Hey, it's Voldo from Soulcalibur.

Weevil: I thought it was a Silent Hill movie. Hehe.

Rex: This is what happens when you don't know how to use the jockstrap.

Weevil: Umm... Rex? This movie's starting to freak me out.

Rex: Shut up, dumbass, I'm trying to watch this.

Weevil: Umm... I mean it, Rex! I'm freaking out!

Rex: Stop screaming, asswipe, she left!

Weevil: Check this out: "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Hehehe. Hehe.

Rex: Hey, Weevil, it's your mom again!

Weevil: Oh yeah, hehehe.

Rex: He's got a dildo on his head.

Weevil: Hey, what happened to all the boobies?

Rex: That dude's a dork.

Weevil: Yeah, hehe. "Oh no, my wife is missing!" Hehe. Dork.

Rex: Hey, it's Weevil's entire family!

Weevil: Oh yeah, hehe. Bugs are cool!

Rex: Err... Is that chick stoned?

Weevil: Wow, fire! Hehe. Fire, fire, yeah! Hehe.

Rex: Settle down, buttmunch.

Rex: Weevil's mom is pissed off.

Weevil: Yeah! Hehe. "You didn't clean your room!" Hehe. "Ba-ad Weevil!" Hehe. Oh, it's copping a feel!

Rex and Weevil: Yes!

Rex: That was the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Weevil: Yeah, hehe. Me too. I guess she was the exploding hooker.

Rex: Uhh... Is that, like, that Monty Python crap? Huhuh. British people suck!

Weevil: Hey, check it out, Rex: it's your mom!

Rex: Shut up, asswipe! My mom is a saint!

Weevil: Uhh...

Rex: I ought to kick your ass for saying that.

Weevil: Uhh... I'm sorry.

Rex: Never talk about my mom like that again.

Weevil: Umm... okay.

Rex: Is this what being a church is like?

Weevil: Yeah, hehe! Organized religion sucks!

Rex: Huhuh... boobs. They move like those chicks from that Robert Palmer video.

Weevil: Yeah, heheh. Might as well face it - you're addicted to boobs!

Rex: Come to Raptor.

Weevil: Umm... what's going on, what's happened?

Rex: Uhh... I think the movie's over.

Weevil: Umm... are you sure?

Rex: Yeah, probably. Who cares? Let's just go.

Weevil: I don't think it's over, Rex. I wanna see more exploding hookers!

Rex: Do I have to smack you, Weevil?

Weevil: Uhh... no?

Rex: That movie sucked! It's like, a bunch of stuff happened, but nothing really happened. Or something.

Weevil: I don't know, Rex, I kinda liked that. Hehe. It had, like, bugs and chicks!

Rex: You're a dumbass, Weevil. Your favorite movie is Joe's Apartment.

Weevil: So? What's your favorite movie, then?

Rex: I like the one with your mom in it. Huhuh.

Weevil: You mean the one we just watched?

Rex: No, dumbass, I'm talking about a different movie.

Weevil: Oh yeah, hehe.

Rex: Your mom's cool, but she sucks, if you know what I mean.

Weevil: Yeah, hehe! Umm... I don't get it.

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