(The first clip contains scenes from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds)

WEEVIL: Um, heheh.. who's that?

REX: That's your mom, dude!

WEEVIL: No way!

(music continues)

WEEVIL: Hey, Rex! Remember that time when I was suffocated?

REX: Yeah. You tried putting a condom over your head. Huh, huh. It went all the way around your neck. Heheh... That was cool.

WEEVIL: Um... heheh.. No, it wasn't! heheh.. That sucked!

REX: And then I popped it. heheh...

WEEVIL: Yeah. That wasn't funny, Rex!

REX: Umm.. I guess you had to be there.

WEEVIL: Oh yeah, heheh... Why does that guy's wearing all that armor, anyway? Heheh.. does he need armor to play card games or something?

REX: Yeah, he could get hurt by all the explosions that are happening.

WEEVIL: Umm... how come those other guys aren't getting hurt?

REX: Beats me, dillhole!

WEEVIL: Change it!

(The next clip is based on a song of The Lion King. "Malik can't wait to be king" appears onscreen.)

REX: Heheh... it says "lik".

WEEVIL: Um.. heh.. Who the hell is Malik?

REX: I don't know. Maybe he's related to Marik.

WEEVIL: Yeah, we should probably, like, ask him about that.

("Happy Birthday Malik" appears onscreen with a bunch of still images depicting him)

REX: Yeah, happy birthday, dude. Here's this crappy AMV I made. Heheh...

WEEVIL: Yeah, heheh...Hope you enjoy it. Um.. heheh..

(song continues)

REX: Hey, Weevil! You know the words. Why don't you sing along?

WEEVIL: Shut up, Rex! I don't watch Disney movies!

REX: No way, buttmunch! You loved that Bug's Life movie.

WEEVIL: Heheh.. that's Pixar! It's a big difference!

REX: Not from where I'm standing. Heheh... you like kids movies.

WEEVIL: Heheh.. shut up, fartknocker!

(sing continues)

(The next clip starts with a countdown.)

WEEVIL: Umm... is this that 24 show? Heheh.. Kiefer Sutherland's cool.

REX: Numbers suck. Heheh..

(The clip is made of short scenes from various anime series, such as Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sonic X, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon)

WEEVIL: (during a Pokémon scene) Who's that Pokémon? It's your butt! Hehehe, heeehehehe... That was pretty cool.

(song continues)

REX: Heheh... Naruto sucks.

WEEVIL: Hey, Rex! Remember when I said "who's that Pokémon?", heheh... and then I said, like, "it's your butt!" Heheh, hehehehee..

REX: Umm... no.

WEEVIL: Oh... heh.. well, that was pretty cool!

(song continues)

WEEVIL: I don't get it! How does this video apply to the song?

REX: Um... I think it's, like... a metaphorical or something. Like, it symbolifies something... or something.

WEEVIL: Oh, yeah. Heheh... you're pretty smart, Rex.

(song continues)

REX & WEEVIL: (after seeing Ash and Brock in Team Rocket outfits) Aah!

WEEVIL: (after seeing Kid Trunks and Yugi) Heheh.. midgets rule!

(song continues)

REX: (during another Pokémon scene) Hey, Weevil. Check this out. Who's that Pokémon? Heheh.. It's your ass! Heheh, heheh...

WEEVIL: Heheh.. oh yeah, heheh, heeehehehe..

(song continues)

REX: Kids, there's nothing more cool than making a kickass AMV.

WEEVIL: Yeah, heheh, but if someone tries to make a sucky AMV, that's no good.

REX: So, what do you do? First, you say "this sucks!". Then, you change the channel.

(The next clip is composed of scenes from "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" and the soundtrack is ...)

REX: Wooow...

WEEVIL: Yeah, heheh, woow!

REX: This is, like, the hottest chick I've ever seen!

WEEVIL: Yeah, heheh, me too! I'd like to do her!

REX: Yeah. Come to Raptor.

WEEVIL: Um... heheh, I don't know, Rex. She looks kinda flat.

(song continues)

REX: I spy with my little eye something beginning with "F".

WEEVIL: Um... heheh... Is that "thingies"?

REX: Hehehe... Umm... I think so.

WEEVIL: Cool! Heheh...

REX: Check it out! Thingies!

WEEVIL: That's what I said, Rex! Thingies!

REX: No, I mean, like, they were actual thingies.

WEEVIL: I know. Heheh.. That's why I said it.

(song continues)

REX: That chick on the left looks like a dude.

WEEVIL: Yeah, heheh., That chick on the right is pretty hot, though.

REX: Woow.. that chick has, like, a huge sword!

WEEVIL: Yeah, heheh... I'd like to see her handling another sword, though, if you know what I mean. Heheh, heeehehehe..

REX: Yeah.

(song continues)

REX: (seeing a scene of Cloud holding Tifa in his arms) Hey, check it out! This chick must be a lesbian!

WEEVIL: What happened to her sleeve? Did it fall off?

REX: You dumbass! heheh... That's how lesbians dress! That's, like, their official uniform and stuff. They hate sleeves.

WEEVIL: Oh yeah, heheh... Come to think of it, Rex, I 've never seen your mom wearing anything with sleeves. Heheh....

REX: Shut up, buttwipe! Besides, I've never seen YOUR mom wearing anything at all!

WEEVIL: Umm... heheh.. no way, fartknocker!

REX: heheh, heheh... She was naked.

(song continues)

WEEVIL: Heheh... How come all this music sucks?

REX: Yeah. I mean, I like the chicks and all, but if I have to listen to this crap while I'm spanking my monkey it just doesn't do it for me.

WEEVIL: Heheh... It's, like, I need to listen to some Pearl Jam if I'm gonna, y'know, sow my seed. Heheh, heeehehehe...

REX: Yeah. Nothing kills a boner faster than the Foo Fighters.

(song continues)

WEEVIL: Wait a minute, Rex! I think that blond chick is a dude.

REX: No way, asswipe! She was way too hot!

WEEVIL: No, really! It's, like, I'm pretty sure I've seen dudes dressed like that. At, like, this convention I went to...

REX: You go to conventions? Heheh, you really are a dork, Weevil.

WEEVIL: Shut up, Rex. I almost scored on a convention once.

REX: Really?

WEEVIL: Yeah, with this pretty hot chick. She was, like, in this awesome costume... I think she was called Lelouch.

(song continues)

REX: Keep sending your music videos.

WEEVIL: Yeah, we really enjoy watching them. Heheh... (to Rex) Hey, Rex. Do you think they can tell we've been, like, sark-stastic?

REX: No, heheh... they're, like, way too dumb to figure that out.

WEEVIL: Oh yeah, heheh...

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