Rebecca Hawkins is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series. She is based on the Rebecca Hawkins from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

Rebecca wants Grandpa's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, not only because she thinks he stole it, but also so that she can sell it on eBay. Just like the original, she's a really good duelist (to which Joey replied, "That's impossible. Only grown-ups are allowed to play children’s card games!"). Also, just like the original, she talks to her teddy bear; however, in the Abridged Series, the teddy appears to be possessed by the devil, at one point saying, "Hail, Satan!" and "Your mother plays card games in hell!" (a reference to The Exorcist), as well as having the music from the film and from Psycho play near the end. She also listens to the "voices inside her head", implying that she may be mentally unstable, or also possessed. But overall her character is very similar to the original - at least in that point of the series - stubborn and hot tempered. At the end of episode 20, her grandfather claimed that Yugi could have won the duel and therefore won even though he actually surrendered, confusing her. Yugi gave her the card he won on Duelist Kingdom, saying he didn't want it. When she asks if she has become the King of Card Games due to obtaining the card, Yugi replies, "Hell no.".

In Marik's Evil Council 2, she is invited because of her teddy bear. There, she nicknames Yami Bakura "Kitty" which Marik begins using as well.

Rebecca reappears in episode 65. Yugi initially did not recognize her because of her glasses, and mistook her for his parents. Rebecca had sent Yugi a friend request on Facebook and pestered him into accepting it so she could be his friend in real life. Yugi did, and Rebecca offered to take him to the museum to have her grandpa tell him about his new discoveries, to Téa's chagrin.

Rebecca seems to have a hatred for boys who aren't Yugi, as she kicked Tristan's leg after he insulted her grandpa's intelligence.

Rebecca has had her house burned down twice, blaming the first instance on her teddy bear, with her parents dying in the fire. The second instance happened shortly after her grandpa was kidnapped by bikers.

She has played Dungeon Dice Monsters, much to Duke's relief.

Unlike most other characters, Rebecca is not voiced by LittleKuriboh. Instead, she is voiced by LittleKuriboh's ex-wife, Safty. When Rebecca returned in Episode 65, Rebecca was voiced by ColonelCheru. As of Episode 70, she is voiced by professional voice actress Erika Harlacher.

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