TÉA: Yugi! You're back! I knew you could win!

JOEY: No, Téa... Yugi didn't win.

TÉA: Didn't... win?

YAMI: It's true. No matter how much you all hoped, no matter how much you believed, none of it was enough... I... wasn't enough. I have failed and all hope is lost. We should all just give up. I should just-

(Joey grabs Yami)


TÉA: Joey!

JOEY: It'd be real easy to give up right now. To turn on each other and ourselves and just... throw in the towel. But the truth is sometimes the person you want to win... DOESN'T... WIN. And it makes you confused... angry... full of feelings that have been amplified 'cause this feels like the loss to end all losses! But win or lose, this is not the end. We CAN'T give in to despair. We can't look at this and say, "Well, it's time to cry and hate and lash out and give up!" We have to be true... to what we always fought for... Love... Unity... Honor... None of those things have been destroyed. So we gotta hold to that. We have to take a breath, congratulate the other guy, and accept every loss and victory from now on with grace... no matter what fear might tell us. It's too soon to know how things will play out, but we can't just lose hope in ourselves or each other. So stand up. Stand beside me and everyone else who ever loved you... because we do... We love you... and we keep walking forward... together.

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