PaniK is an insane pyro-maniac who also enjoys abducting people and as he joyfully states "Its raping time!" He appears in both "The Plot Thinnens" and "Both Of You, Duel Like You Want To Win". He forces Mai into a duel and easily defeats her because she only had three monsters in her deck and her huge breasts were no match for his giant chin. Yami frequently insults him, telling him to get a voice "that doesn't frighten small children" and that his massive chin makes him the illegitimate offspring of Jay Leno and Tim Curry. During their duel, Yami bends the rules and defeats him. He attempts to kill Yami but is unable to do so since Yami is the main character who then states that since PaniK is not he can "go right ahead and die!", via a Mind Crush. After he kills PaniK, he states that "Bullying is wrong, but destroying people's brains with magical powers is A O.K."

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