O Mokuba, Where Art Thou? is the fifty-third episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and the seventh episode of Season 3.


Fact - Zexal does not involve outer space.

Also starring:
Takahata101 as Crump/Téa
Kirbopher as Noah
whiteash001 as Bitchy Door
Antfish as Gozaburo

Also featuring art by TheLaughingLibra


  • Marik's spirit finally notices Crump taking ip residence and kicks Crump out of Tea's head, restoring her to, uh, well normal as Tea can be.
    • Unlike Tristan, who got put in a robot mockey, Tea was simply surpressed by Crump.
    • Tea seems a bit brain-fried after getting control of her body back. She openly admits she doesnt know things (claiming its due to her gender).
  • Serenity's call for Joey to "apply the handbrake" is a callback to "My Cards Will Go On".
  • Kaiba's admission of Yugi looking "damn good" in a tutu is a callback to "When Yami Met Sally".

Cultural referencesEdit

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