Noah Kaiba is the villain of season three, appearing at the end of Season Two in Episode 46. Like his original counterpart he commands the Big Five, but in keeping with the parody, he is an executive of 4Kids seeking to control the world's media. However, Noah has trouble keeping track of the shows 4Kids dubs - he claims 4Kids has no intention to dub Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, is unaware that 4Kids lost the distribution rights to Pokémon and One Piece years ago, and is entirely oblivious to the existence of rival companies like Funimation. He is also known to often quote many famous movies and TV shows.

History Edit

He is Gozaburo Kaiba's biological son. He grew up with Richie Rich levels of money, having maids, horseback riding, and violence practice being normal stuff. However, he was accidently killed by Serenity Wheeler while Joey was trying to teach her how to drive. Deciding to save his son Gozaburo copied his mind into a supercomputer, but then forgot about him almost immediately.

Trivia Edit

  • Noah's green hair and white outfit give him a similar appearance to Seto Kaiba in Season 0, something Seto points out.
  • Despite being an executive at 4kids, he seems out of the loop about the company, being surprised that it no longer owned Pokemon or One Piece despite them losing those properties several years earlier and having no idea what Funimation was despite them being their largest competitor. However, this could just be another joke at the overall incompetece of 4kids.
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