My Funny Skankentine is the fifth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.

Summary Edit

Yugi and his friends are on Duelist Kingdom island looking for another duelist. Joey is vowing that he can find his next opponent and remembers the time he took his sister Serenity to the beach. Soon, they see Mai beating a man dressed like a bee. Mai flirts with Yugi, much to Téa's anger. Joey then challenges Mai to a duel. At the beginning, Mai starts beating Joey and claims she has ESP.

Eventually, Joey discovers that Mai has sprayed all of her cards with a different perfume, thereby showing how she had an advantage over Joey. Yugi transforms into Yami and tells Joey not to let Mai's breasts distract him and to also find a way to beat her. Joey then figures out that with the power of 4Kids censorship, he could be able to beat Mai. He uses his "Thousand Dragon" to beat Mai and win his first real duel, but Yami reminds him that Joey would still be nothing without him.


  • This is the first episode to use the standard opening, which features the song Kawaita Sakebi. Later, the remastered version of the first episode would also include this opening.
  • According to CardGamesFTW, the Bee Kid is LittleKuriboh's favorite "one-line character".
  • Téa's line about the "robot monkey" refers to a future episode where Tristan is turned into one while trapped in a virtual world.
  • Mai's line "How could I lose to such an amateur?" is directly from the 4Kids dub.

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