[it's mokuba's birthday]

[as a gift, kaiba took him to the dentist]

[there's nothing quite like brotherly love]

MOKUBA: Surgery.

KAIBA: Yeah. I know. How did it go?

MOKUBA: I.. didn't... feel anything.

KAIBA: Yeah.

MOKUBA: Aahaaha. I feel funny..

KAIBA: Kind of felt good didn't it?

MOKUBA: Ahaaa. Is.. is this real life?

KAIBA: Yeah. This is real life.

MOKUBA: Okay now.. okay now I.. I have two fingers.

KAIBA: Good.

MOKUBA: Four fingers.

KAIBA: Four fingers? Na..nana..! Don't put that- don't put that in your mouth! Okay you feel good?

MOKUBA: I can't see anything.

KAIBA: Yes you can. Stay in your seat!

MOKUBA: Neaaaaah! I don't feel tired.

KAIBA: You don't?

MOKUBA: Na-uh.


MOKUBA: Do I have stitches?

KAIBA: Uh-huh.

MOKUBA: D-do I huv stitches?


MOKUBA: On my teeth?

KAIBA: Yeah. Don't touch it! Don't!

MOKUBA: Why can't I touch it?

KAIBA: Because it will mess up the stitches.

MOKUBA: You have four eyes!

KAIBA: Yeah.

MOKUBA: I feel funny... why is this happening to me?

KAIBA: Okay, but it's just from the medicine.

MOKUBA: Is this gonna be forever?

KAIBA: No. No, it won't be forever.

MOKUBA: Ah-geh-geh...

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