Mo' Money, Mo' Card Games is the twenty-sixth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and the fourth episode of Season 2.


Only Kaiba could take control of an entire city, putting hundreds of people out of business in the process, and all in aid of a card game tournament.

What a guy.

As Yami learns of his origins as an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Kaiba undertakes a potentially deadly videogame tutorial with the promise of confectionary delights as his only reward. Friendships are tested, blood is spilled, and cards are set in face-up position. Here we go again.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The episode title references the song Mo Money Mo Problems.
  • The opening of this episode is a reference to the old Mario TV show.
  • The duel robot mentions Aperture Science and a promise of cake, which references the dialogue of GLaDOS, the AI in the computer game Portal.
    • Kaiba's "The cake is a lie" line is a popular meme from the same game.
  • Yami swears in the name of Falco, and later, his song Rock Me Amadeus.
    • However, he was actually an Austrian musician, and not a "German alternative rockgroup" as Yami states.
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