The Millennium Items are the center of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, as well as the Abriged Series. Unlike the cannon counterparts, the Items are used in strange and bizarre ways, but still maintain their mystical powers and abilities.

  1. Millennium Puzzle: The Millennium Puzzle is the central object of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. It is under the ownership of Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi. Similar to the original series, the Millennium Puzzle contains the power of the Pharaoh, provides a soul room for Yugi and Yami, grants Yami the power to Mind Crush people, puts souls back in people's bodies, and other supernatural abilities. In the abriged series, it also doubles as a reading lamp and a mood ring. The Puzzle also grants Yugi the power of a main character. In Season 0, the puzzle seems to only react to Yugi's anger, pain, or his passive-aggressiveness, when encouraged by Yami.
  2. Millennium Ring: The Millennium Ring is an item that is under the ownership of Ryo Bakura and Florence. Similar to the original series, it can manipulate the fabric of time and space, bending it to Bakura's will to create monsters, and feed on the souls of the living. It also can detect, not only other Millennium Items, but gay/bi people. The Millennium Ring can also shoot Ancient Egyptian lasers.
  3. Millennium Eye: Before it was stolen by Yami Bakura, it was under the ownership of Maximillion Pegasus. Similar to the original series, it can read the thoughts of people. The Millennium eye can also shoot Ancient Egyptian lasers.
  4. Millennium Key: Under the ownership of Shadi, the Millennium Key, similar to its original counterpart, can unlock a person's mind and allows the user to look into their soul room.
  5. Millennium Necklace: The Millennium Necklace is an item that was under the ownership of Ishizu Ishtar before she gave it to Yugi. It can predict the future and show past events. Ishizu, however, will use it to mess with people for her own enjoyment, as shown when she showed Yami useless flashbacks instead of important ones when he asked to see something from his past.
  6. Millennium Rod: Before it was given to Yugi, it was under the ownership of Marik Ishtar/Melvin. Just like its original counterpart, the Millennium Rod can brainwash people, manipulate the shadows within the Shadow Realm, and has a hidden knife. However, in the abridged series, the Rod can only control people who are named "Steve" for some reason. This makes things difficult for Marik sometimes because for him to control Téa and Joey, he had to trick them into changing their names to Steve.
  7. Millennium Scale: The Millennium Scale is one of the seven Millennium Items. So far, nothing is known about it or if it is similar to its original counterpart.
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