Cast (in order of appearance): Yami, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Kaiba, Téa, Grandpa, Mokuba, Pegasus

Date: May 1, 2011

Running Time: 2:56


YAMI: (as Heavy) (singing to "Funeral March") Dah da da-dah, da da-da-da-da-da-dahhhh."


YUGI: (also as Heavy) Look at me! Look at me! I am hero!

JOEY: (as Sniper) I'm not done yet, mate. Not by a long shot.

TRISTAN: (as Pyro) (muffled speech)

YUGI: I have new weapon!

TRISTAN: (muffled speech)

JOEY: Aces!

KAIBA: (as Scout) You gotta be kiddin' me! Is-is anybody even paying attention to me?

(Game shop)

YUGI: Little, little man! Did you think I would forget you?

GRANDPA: (as Spy) Was there ever any doubt? (holds up the card) Here's what I have that you don't.

JOEY: Holy duley! That's downright embarrassing.

KAIBA: (pushes the others aside) Psyche! I'll put it in my trophy room with the others.


KAIBA: Hey, overalls, you suck! (closes briefcase) Bang! (leaves) Here's a schematic for ya: my ass!

GRANDPA: Go to hell and take your cheap suit with you.

TRISTAN: (muffled)


YUGI:' (on the phone) Horosho!

KAIBA: (on the phone) If you order now, I'll throw in a second beatin', absolutely free. (hangs up)

YUGI: Here I come!

(Kaiba's Duel Arena)

YUGI: (runs over to injured Grandpa) Medic!

GRANDPA: I require assistance!

KAIBA: Yeah, it's ours now! (tears Blue-Eyes card in half) Return ta freakin' sender,

YUGI: Little men steal our cart!

JOEY: That's some shonky business right there!

KAIBA: I don't know who to thank first... Oh, I know. Me!

YUGI: I'm going to kill you and kill you and KILL you!

KAIBA: Bring it!

YUGI: I was told we would be fighting men.

GRANDPA: Did you forget about me?

YUGI: (takes Grandpa's deck) You mean nothing to me now.

GRANDPA: Well, off to visit your mother.

TÉA: (as the Announcer) (holding a marker) A friendship has been detected. (draws a smiley face on her, Yugi's, Joey's, and Tristan's hands)

JOEY: Gah. Hear me men? Gah.

TÉA: Friendmaking!

JOEY: Back to the drawing board, genius!

TÉA: You have failed me... with your friendships.

TRISTAN: (angry mumbling)

TÉA: (points to Kaiba) Kill him! Slaughter him like a dog!!

YAMI: (as Heavy) It is good day to be giant man!

KAIBA: Hey, hey, look! You shapeshifted into a dead guy.

(A hologram of Hitotsu-Me Giant appears)

YAMI: New weapon! Oh, this is bad!

KAIBA: Yo, if you didn't want me to kill ya, you should've said something!

YAMI: Stupid, stupid, stupid! You are no match for me!

KAIBA: Pop quiz: How long does it take to beat a moron to death? (summons three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, imitates buzzer sound) Sorry, time's up, you're dead!

YAMI: What sick man sends babies to fight me?

KAIBA: Oh, what, you gonna cry? You gonna cry now?

YAMI: How could this happen?

KAIBA:: What did we learn? I always win! Ya just got freakin' dominated, knucklehead! A'right, let's do this.

YAMI: Let us wrestle, little man. What was that, Sandvich? "Kill them all"? (holds up Exodia the Forbidden One card) Good idea!

KAIBA: Aw, jeez! I can not believe this!

YAMI: All will fear my giant new gun.

KAIBA: 'Kay, this does not look good here. Um...

YAMI: Next time, pick on someone your own tiny-baby size. Kill them all! Ha ha ha!

(Exodia destroys Blue-Eyes White Dragons)

MOKUBA: (as Medic) Doctor! Can you feel ze schadenfreude?

KAIBA: This did not just happen!

YAMI: I have squashed you like bug. Now I am king of team!

KAIBA: Aaaaagghhh!! (faints)


GRANDPA: (wakes up) Oh, dear. I've made quite a mess.

(Pegasus's Castle)

HENCHMAN: (as Soldier) That was an amazing killing spree... by the OTHER TEAM!

PEGASUS: (as Demoman) I'm drunk!


[Team Fortress 2, "Main Theme" coda]


YUGI: I am very happy!

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