• The Evil Council being stationed in Youmacon is a reference to LittleKuriboh having been to Youmacon 2009.
  • Unlike his first two appearances in the Evil Council videos, the voice of Dartz was played by Takahata101 from Team Four Star. He speaks in a strange, heavy accent that is reminiscent of Coiffio. This is supplemented by Dartz' hair changing color in every shot, just like Coiffio.
    • Also unlike his previous two appearances in Evil Council 1 and 2, Rafael is different; instead of saying "zugzug" over and over again, he has actual lines, and his voice is much less gruff. This is to make him sound like another character from Perfect Hair Forever. Namely, Catman.
  • (Steve) Lumis and (Steve) Umbra are here named "Luna" and "Umbris", though it's not actually stated which is which.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The discussion at the beginning is on the topic of TV series Lost.
    • Umbra's "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42" line was yet another reference to Lost.
  • The song featured before the Dartz scene was "The Hellion", by Judas Priest. It first appeared on their album Screaming for Vengeance and lasted only 41 seconds; it was meant to lead in to the next song, "Electric Eye". As a result of this, and several live performances, people misattribute "The Hellion" as simply an intro to "Electric Eye", while others call the combination "The Hellion/Electric Eye". The latter song was featured in the video game Brutal Legend, which was developed by Double Fine, whom are mentioned in the video description.
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