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Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series Wiki! This wiki is a free repository that anyone can edit, compending everything related to the trendsetter fan-made parody produced by LittleKuriboh.

We have 499 articles, and 487 files since April 8, 2013. (more statistics)

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Learn all about the newest episode, "Bullseye"

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Cr@psule Monsters

Card games? What's that? Capsule Monsters is what's in. Check out this spin-off!

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Music videos

YGOTAS characters singing spoofs of pop songs!

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Let's make this wiki better, one step at a time!

This time, the focus is on:

Music videos

This section has been a bit neglected and contains some old videos which have not been taken care of properly. Help us clean them up and correct any mistakes in the transcripts. You can use BROOKLYN RAGE~!'s style as an example, since it's mostly up to standards.


  • Set up an Infobox bonus video on each video page
  • Add the "video with transcript" section, embedding the YouTube video if available
  • Create a transcript if there isn't one, or, if the lyrics are on the video page, move them to a transcript page
  • Add a screenshot if the page has none
  • Add cultural references and/or trivia, if there is something to mention

Also, the main article needs listing of song parodies present in YGOTAS episodes.


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This wiki is a work in progress and everyone may contribute. Some tasks have been identified by current users:

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