Leather Pants is a music video written and performed by LittleKuriboh and animated by Kirbopher. The song is a parody of Bad Romance by Lady GaGa. According to the official website of the Abridged Series, the video has been in development for five months.

This is the second time that LittleKuriboh has parodied a song by Lady GaGa.

The video centers around Marik and Yami Bakura attempting to steal the Yami Yugi's leather pants, since Marik believes they are the source of his power. They succeed in stealing the pants, but it turns out that the real source of the Pharaoh's powers actually come from his leather shoes. The video ends with a parody of Poker Face, but this time with Yami Yugi singing about his leather shoes, which lasts about 20 seconds, and is played during the end credits of the video. The Video Is Currently Up On Newgrounds

On March 10, 2011, LittleKuriboh made a Literal Video Version of the song. In it, the lyrics are changed to match what is happening in the video.

Variants Edit


  • The French that Marik is singing in the song translates to: "I want his leather pants, his pants."
  • The video also shows a cameo of Ghost Nappa and Mr Popo.
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