Kuriboh is considered useless by Yami. The monster makes earlier appearances in the series but never had a recurring joke, except for when Yami Yugi would create Little Kuriboh impostors on a few occasions and make references to his opponents being smothered by his "giant hairy balls". It was until episode 48 that it started to get a joke. It parodies Hot Dog from Perfect Hair Forever. In episode 50, he appears as one of the witnesses testifying against Joey Wheeler. It is apparently his testimony that almost gets Joey convicted. In addition, during episode 71 when he is with other Kuribohs they form "The Magnificent Kuriboh Brothers. They all start Do da laas in unison to the point where Yami Yugi had to shut them up since they were interrupting his duel with Raphael.

In the Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Movie, Kuriboh appears during the song battle against Paradox and Yami Yugi summons him.

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