KAIBA: Because You're doing someting! Trying to play card games with the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh in you, Was that it?

YUGI: That had nothing to do with it.

KAIBA: Oh it had nothing to do with what!? The fact that you had a foreign body inside you?

YUGI: Correct!

KAIBA: Correct? Okay good...So, you're not lying to me about switching bodies during our duel?

YUGI: I never have!

KAIBA: Yes! Yes you did! you said you weren't, you f*cking lied to me before!

YUGI: I didn't, I never said anything of the kind! You never asked me, I never told you! Or maybe you ask me, but I never lied about this!

KAIBA: Another lie, who cares!? Your hair looks ridiculous! Get rid of it why don't you! know...

YUGI: That's none of f*cking business what my hair looks like!

KAIBA: IT IS! IT IS! IT LOOKS STUPID! I'm telling you...It's just an appraisal, Keep it if you want! Look Stupid, see if I give a f*ck! You know but it's too big and it's too stupid! It looks like some Vegas bitch, like a Vegas whore! And you go around sashaying in your tight leather pants and stuff! I won't stand for that anymore, I don't want my Arch Rival to be that!

YUGI: I don't walk around in leather pants, I stay at home for most of the time!

KAIBA: When you go out in public, and it's a f*cking embarrasment to me! You look like a f*cking Nerd! And if you get attacked by a gang of Rare Hunters, it'll be your fault alright!? Because you provoked go around with you Duel Disk, you feel you have to show off in tight outfits and leather pants so I can see your deck in your pocket! And that blue thing today was enough! That's provocative Ok!? I'm telling you...I'm just telling you the truth, I don't like it...I don't want that opponent...I don't want you...I don't believe you anymore...I don't trust you...I don't want to duel you ok? STAY IN THE F*CKING GAME SHOP!!!! I'm not giving you my Obelisk, but I'll let you stay there ok? and I WILL take care of my brother, but I DON'T WANNA DUEL YOU ANYMORE!!!

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