Johnny Steps makes his first appearance in "Dirty Dueling". He has a habit of speaking in the third person, and this habit often confuses himself (e.g. "And if Johnny Steps wins, Téa has to go out on a date with him! I mean, me!").

His hobby is mostly portrayed as playing Dance Dance Revolution, and was the champion of it until he was challenged by Téa Gardner. During the dance-off, he was forced to cheat his way to victory through the use of dirty moves in order to knock her off the stage, but he was inevitably defeated anyway. Later, he attempts to force Téa into having a rematch with him, but is instead challenged by Yami Yugi in a game of Duel Monsters. Despite summoning his aptly named "Guitar Hero" (whom was able to defeat Yugi's "Bamboozled Celtic Guardian" by playing "Hangar 18" on Expert Mode), he is swiftly defeated by him and attempts to flee the scene, only to be stopped by Téa and forced to listen to an hours-long speech about friendship. The resulting speech leaves Johnny nothing more than a brainwashed, friendship-obsessed zombie, with his last line being "Must... Go... Get... Friends..." before exiting. He makes a cameo appearance in the "Third Anniversary Spectacularmathon" as he is picked on by Steve Umbra and Steve Lumis, whom call him a "loser" amongst other things when he attempts to show off his skills on the dance floor.

Johnny's most recent appearance was in Evil Council 5 as a new recruit to Dartz's evil council. He stated that he didn't need an introduction after being introduced by Dartz, but appreciated it anyway. Rafael also commented that he had a terrible taste in music. Later, after Dartz presented the XBox 360 to Bakura, Johnny said that he would unlock the achievements in Dance Central.

He was recently mentioned in "Puzzled Shipping" by Joey.

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