How Kaiba Got His Groove Back is the sixtieth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series and the fourteenth episode of Season 3.


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Also starring

xJerry64x as Jerry

takahata101 as Slow Clap Taka


This marks the 60th YGOTAS episode. After Joey 'woke up' from his divine-wrath induced coma, he challenges Kaiba to a duel. It's notable Kaiba is increasingly vicious in this episode, his scathing remarks dipping below what might be considered 'funny' several times, turning into genuine insults. Joey more or less takes that in stride, and they display a typical level of vitrolic-ness towards each other. 'Their mutual hatred' makes the duel hard to watch, while Tristan yells at them to "Just f*ck already!"

Melvin is seen trying to work out whatever went wrong with the Millenium Rod in the previous episode, calling Millenium Tech Support and being subsequently aggravated by the tech service. 

A side plot intruduces Marik's first proper season 3 introduction, as he takes over Téa's body, refering to her as 'Tea' Garnder (as in the drink) and being perfectly obviously himself/evil while none of the main cast notice the difference in their friend. After an encounter with Ishizu, he and Melvin get into a brief skirmish and, different from the source material where Yami Marik automatically defaulted to self-preservation, Melvin gleefully entertains the notion of killing Marik, knowing it would probably kill him too, citing himself as "Die-curious." Tristan also yells at them to just f*ck already, marking this as the last of the triad of most popular ships LK has made fun of, that being Puzzleshipping(Yugi/Yami Yugi- a consistent joke), Tendershipping(Ryou/Yami Bakura- done in the 'Without Yugi' song), and Bronzeshipping(Marik/Yami Marik.) Yami  intervenes along with Ishizu, and Marik leaves the scene. Melvin tells fortells Yami of their next duel, involving pinatas.

The episode ends with Kaiba pulling a scathing rant towards Tristan, Duke, and Joey and Mokuba snapping at him, saying he's had enough of his awful behavior.


  • In a deleted scene LittleKuriboh posted on his Tumblr, Melvin had a chat with Jerry of Millennium Tech Support, ranting about people getting angry whenever he is called "Melvin".

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