Cast (In order of appearance): Bakura, Yugi, Melvin, Yami Bakura, Kaiba, Yami

Date: September 20, 2010

Running Time: 02:12

Episode Title: Fun in Yugi's Mind

Transcript Edit

BAKURA: Wow Yugi! You have a lot of toys for a sixteen year old king of card games!

YUGI: Well, looks like someone doesn't want a go in the pedal car!


MELVIN: Hello! Hickari Dickari Dicks!

YUGI: Oh god, it's him.

MELVIN: Ooooh! Playing card games are we? What a surprise! Can I join in?

MELVIN: Do you want this one?

BAKURA: Erm.., Yes.

MELVIN: You still want it?

BAKURA: ...yes!

MELVIN: (Eating the card, and spits it out) How about now?

MELVIN: Ahahahaha!! My cape hurts...

  • Yami Bakura appears*

MELVIN: Well well... If it isn't Faggoty Andy!

YUGI: (Thinking) This is demeaning... cut out of the panel by his hair

YAMI BAKURA: How would you like it if I licked something of yours?

MELVIN: Are you coming on to me?

MELVIN: Get the hell off me, Ninja Puff!

YUGI: Is this fanservice? I really can't tell anymore...

YAMI BAKURA: Must...Lick...Rod!

YUGI: Screw this, I'm going to bed.

YUGI: Wake me up when the psychoshipping's over

  • Creeaaaak*

KAIBA: (Thuds his head against the wall) ...ouch

KAIBA: Yugi! I came here to challenge you to a card game!

KAIBA: (Looks at Melvin and Bakura) I'm not even going to ask... Yugi! Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!! Oh I see... Fine! Pretend to be asleep! See if I care!

  • Dramatic Kaiba face*

YUGI: Wow. That was one hell of a weird dream.... ... AAAAARGH!!!

YAMI: Are you ok, Yugi? I heard screaming and- SWEET JUMPING SARCOPHAGUS!
Fun in Yugi's Mind
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