Dartz is the former king of Atlantis, brainwashed by the evil Orichalcos to destroy the world under the belief solely the evil people would perish. In the abridged aeries, Dartz tends to speak in near gibberish due to his thick accent.

Evil CouncilEdit

When Dartz and his "evil motorcycle-riding henchmen" aren't invited to Marik's Evil Council, he decides to hold his own. It's apparently "much better" because they serve pizza rather than tacos. Like Marik, whenever he swears, the [EFF!] sound is heard instead of the traditional bleep. In his revenge he planned on spamming Marik's YouTube account, which apparently did not work. In his second attempt to get revenge, he tried the "is your refrigerator running?" prank call, which spectacularly failed as Marik told him he didn't even have a refrigerator (Although Marik hadn't realized it was a joke until Dartz hung up).

Dartz and the others also apparently play Dungeons & Dragons according to the spam comments on Marik's YouTube account.

As of Marik's Evil Council of Doom 3, he is voiced by Takahata101 and his hair changes color whenever the shot changes. From episode 64 onwards, Dartz's hair changes color continuously in a single shot. Dartz no longer sounded like The Pharaoh and was given a strong Cajun accent, which makes it difficult for his henchmen to understand him. For example when he told his minions to Duel Marik, they mistook it as to "do" Marik instead. Later, he ordered his minions to cut Yugi Muto's and Mai Valentine's Decks in half. The henchmen, however, misinterpreted "Deck" as "dick", which confused Yugi when they called him. His voice may be inspired by Michael Palin's Pontius Pilot in the Monty Python film "Life Of Brian". Dartz's henchmen agree that he is a "notorious douche". Rafael cited him taking Channing Tatum's soul for fun as an example. In Bullseye, it is revealed that his thick accent is a side effect of the Orichalcos' influence.

His character is a combination of Coiffio, the main antagonist of Perfect Hair Forever, and Boomhauer from King of the Hill, in terms of appearance and mannerisms (and the [EFF] censor). Also, ironically, he can't understand anything that Zombie Boy says (despite the fact that he can talk normally).


  • Funnily enough, fans believe Dartz having a hard time speaking is reasonable; having been around for 10,000 years, Dartz would have a hard time keeping up with the changes in language.
  • Apparently, sometimes, when Dartz goes to Paradius via the mirror, he doesn't have his pants on.
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