Bullseye is the eighty-second episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series and the nineteenth and final episode of Season 4.



The Millennium Puzzle also contains a tank and a flamethrower, it's just never been necessary to use them.


Takahata101 as Dartz
BoobsMcBalrog as Mai Valentine
Lady_Nanaki as Kris
Marianne Miller as "Chorus of Gays"


  • Yugi points out the God Cards did not retaliate against Darts attempting to harness their power to free the Great Leviathan, when they KILLED anyone who attempted to PAINT THEM.
  • Roland points out numerous times that the helicopter can take the heroes to the island, only to be ignored.
  • Kaiba is bad at recognizing insults unrelated to being adopted.
    • Joey calls him an "a-hole", but Kaiba doesn't get it.
  • Dartz makes a jab at Timaeus, Critias and Hermos for not being able to stop the Leviathan, despite the fact that the name of the arc is Waking the Dragons, and they had been built up as the only thing capable of winning the battle for the heroes.
  • The end screen says "Final Season Coming 2019" but as of 2020 no new episodes have been produced, mainly due to LittleKuriboh's poor health.



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