Both Of You Duel Like You Want To Win is the tenth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.

Description Edit

Unlike Episode 9, this one actually IS the worst episode ever.

How I loathe it.

Yugi must duel against an insane pyromaniac who likes to play a children's card game.

Summary Edit

Yugi Muto and his friends have arrived at a dueling arena just when Mai Valentine has lost her duel to PaniK. The group is aghast that Mai was screaming just because she lost her star chips. Despite this, Yugi Muto transforms into Yami Yugi and challenges PaniK to a duel for Mai's star chips. However, PaniK's Castle of Dark Illusions allows his monsters to remain in the shadows and even uses flame-throwers to threaten Yugi. Eventually Yami Yugi wins the duel, prompting PaniK to try and kill Yugi, but Yugi cannot die as he is the main character and so he mind-crushes PaniK, then tells Mai to beg for her star chips back.


  • This is the first episode where Kawaita Sakebi is not the opening theme song since it was first used in episode 5.
  • According to his CardGamesFTW account, this is LittleKuriboh's least favourite episode. This is because it was difficult making the episode humorous due to its dark plot, and because of numerous song gags serving as replacements for clever dialogue.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The theme song in this episode is the opening theme from Neon Genesis Evangelion, "Cruel Angel's Thesis". The episode title is a reference to an Evangelion episode title ("Both of you, Dance like you want to win!"), and the ending song ("Fly me to the Moon") is also from Evangelion.
  • The two songs that play when PaniK tries to burn Yami Yugi are Disco Inferno and Ring of Fire.
  • The new song used for Yugi's transformation to Yami Yugi is Shaft's theme song. The next few lines are also references to Shaft.
  • The song playing while they showed the intro of Yu-Gi-Oh GX (DMX) is "X's gonna give it to ya" Also this explains Jaden's mannerisms in the 10th Movie Abridged (acting like Joey says "A rap artist").
  • In this episode, Yugi references Booker T's catchphrase "Can You Dig It Sucka?"
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