Alister appears in the Evil Council Series where he is one of Dartz's motorcycle riding henchmen. He speaks in an extremely high and childish voice similar to the Squeaky Voiced Teen from The Simpsons. His personality is also very childish and he is extremely loyal to Dartz, addressing him as "Oh, great and powerful Dartz." This trait was carried over to the main series, where Rafael showed annoyance at Alister's attitude. Alister is also a big fan of Harry Potter, as shown in the video Kami-Con! A more recent video shows that he has a small penis.

History Edit

When Allistor was young, he and his younger brother Mikey lived on a war torn country that he never learned the name of. During the war with another country he never learned the name of, a tank explosion not only killed his brother, but also caused his testicles to permanently recede into his body, resulting in his voice always remaining that of a winey preteeen. Since he never figured out what country was attacking his, he decided to blame his brother's death on the first person he saw, who happened to be Gozaburo Kaiba (Dartz in disguise). He was later recruited by Darts into the Oricalchos.

Since Gozaburo died, Allistor passed his hated onto Seto.


  • Unlike his original counterpart, Alister is fully aware that his vendetta against KaibaCorp is idiotic. Primarily because that Seto Kaiba wasn't in charge when it was a weapons company and has since been altered to solely produce gaming products. Both Seto and Mokuba point this out repeatedly, angering Alister when he's shown that his vendetta is pointless.
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