Cast (In order of appearance): Tristan Taylor

Date: February 26, 2011

Running Time: 1:09

Transcript Edit

(Picture fades in: Tristan's parents holding baby Tristan)

TRISTAN: (voice-over) I've lived a long and fruitful life. From the moment I was born, my parents always knew I was going to be special, that I was destined for greatness.

(Picture: various characters as kids in school: Bakura, playing with a doll; Duke, hanging out with dolls; Joey, holding a toy bunny; Téa, dancing and kicking Kaiba's block Kaiba Land; Tristan, next to Barney the Dinosaur, giving Yugi a wedgie; Nappa, showing Vegeta a drawing which makes Vegeta cry; Naruto, smoking; Slender, watching behind the window)

TRISTAN: (voice-over) I was friends with all the kids at school; everyone would look at me and say, "there goes Tristan Taylor, what a guy!".

(Picture: Tristan, in a military uniform, throwing a grenade, and a tank in the background)

TRISTAN: (voice-over) After I graduated I fought in the Vietnam War, where I received the Medal of Honor for services to my country. Of course, I would have died out there, if I hadn't been rescued by the A-Team.

(Picture: Tristan hanging out with the A-Team, holding a Snickers bar)

TRISTAN: (voice-over) Me and Mr. T, we go way back. In fact, I was the one who gave him his name. That's right: the T stands for "Tristan".

(Picture: Tristan, surrounded by dead dinosaurs, looks guilty while The Doctor looks disapprovingly)

TRISTAN: (voice-over) Then I went back in time and I wiped out the dinosaurs, but that's a story for another day. Because the story you're about to hear... is about how it all came to an end.

(Fade to black. Schubert's "Ave Maria" plays)

Episode 51

"The Death Of Tristan Taylor"

March 31st

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