Cast (In order of appearance): Yami Yugi, Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, and Yugi Muto (voiced by LittleKuriboh), Jaden Yuki (voiced by ShadyVox), Yusei Fudo and Paradox (voiced by Semisoma01).


YAMI: It's all about me, baby.

JADEN: It's time to get your motherfuckin' game on, bitches!

YUSEI: My motorcycle gives me super strength!

(fake subtitles of Japanese words)
In mock celebration of Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th anniversary...

PARADOX: So many abridged series... The internet just couldn't take it! So I'm going back in time to destroy the original abridged series, before it was even made!

(fake subtitles of Japanese words)
Super awesome abridged 10th anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh movie project funtimes!

PARADOX: AHAHAHAHAH! Useless! This is a card GAME!

(fake subtitles of Japanese words)
Thrill at its ridiculous premise!

(Yu-Gi-Oh! first series anime opening Kawaita Sakebi is playing as the background music)

JACK: Children's card games on motorcycles!

CROW: In 3D, no less!

YUSEI: Oh my god, that's so fucking metal!

PARADOX: AHAHAHAH! ...Why am I laughing so much?

(X Gonna Give It To Ya by DMX is playing as BGM)

(fake subtitles of Japanese words)
A crossover fic turned into a big budged motion picture! Starring none of your favorite characters!
(Except maybe Pegasus)

JADEN: It's on like Donkey Kong, ah hell, yeah! Come on, my shniggies, can a brother get a hell yeah?

YUGI: Who are you people?

(BGM stops playing)

JADEN: We're your cheap imitations!

YUSEI: God, this Jaden guy is annoying. Let's kick the crap out of him!

YUGI: Yeah!

(fake subtitles of Japanese words)
Perhaps the least subtle motion picture of 2010!

YUSEI: Paradox! We won't let you get away with this! Not without listening some awesome Japanese music first!

(jealkb's makemagic begins playing)

YUGI: And this is pretty much all I'm good for in this movie.

JADEN: I'mma pop a cap in your ass, P. Dog!

YUSEI: Now this is a threesome I can get behind!

(fake subtitles of Japanese words)
We promise that this movie will be better than that other one!

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