Rex: (over Kaiba) Is that Kaiba?

Weevil: (Also over Kaiba) Ummmm......hehehe I think so.

(start music)

Weevil: Woah!Music to DO by?Yeah,I'd like to do some chicks while I listen to this.Hehehe. (says something-you figure out what he said)

Rex: He said Duel,dumbass.

Weevil: Ohhhhhhh yeah,hehehe,I knew that.

(music break)

Rex: Tea's a slut.

Weevil: Yeah,hehehe and so is Serenity.

Rex: Huhuhuh,everyone in this music video is a giant slut.

Weevil: Woah!Really? Even Yugi?

Rex: Especially Yugi.

Weevil: (weird laughter)

Rex: I sense some deeply disturbing fanfiction being written as a result of this music video.

Weevil: Yeah,me too.Woah,check it out,boobs.Hehehe.

Rex&Weevil: Ugghhh! Ahhh!

(music break)

Weevil: Stop showing dudes!Hehehe.

Rex: Yeah,really!

(Yet another music break)

Rex & Weevil: Yeah!

Weevil: They're all happy because they saw Tea's cleavage.

(music break)

Rex: She wants me. Uhuhuh,come to Raptor.

Weevil: Shut up,buttmunch! I saw her first.

Seto Kaiba: It's your chance to duel like a champion! Get Yugioh! Music To Duel

Rex: That CD is going straight into your collection,Weevil.

Weevil: No way,asswipe. Hehehe.

Rex:(chuckling) Now I know what to get you for Christmas. Uhuhuh.

Weevil: Damn it Rex! Cut it out! That's not funny and stuff.

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